Martial Artist

Bill Mueller – 8th Dan – Certified by the Okinawan Shuri-Te Karate Association.  

  • One of only a select few of Americans ever awarded an 8th degree black belt directly from the Association Headquarters in Okinawa. 
  • Only 7th and 8th degree black belts are allowed to wear Red and White Belts in the Okinawan Karate ranking system.
  •  Realtor – North Texas 
  • Husband and father to 4 married children and proud grandfather of 12.

Mueller (Bill) has over 45 years Traditional Karate  experience. After several years of Judo and Karate training, and only three months out of high school, in the Fall of 1974, Bill left for his first trip to Okinawa. Without the benefit of knowing Japanese, or his future instructor knowing he was coming, he showed up at the door step, by taxi, of Nakamura, Ankichi. Since that time Bill has trained in Traditional Okinawan Karate used by Okinawan Samurai to defend their King and Families (much different than sport karate!)  He has made numerous trips back to Okinawa and Mr. Nakamura has come by invitation to teach in the United States on numerous occasions. In order to communicate more freely to learn the finer points, Bill studied Japanese at the University of Minnesota and Middlebury College in Vermont.  Bill has maintained a close relationship with Nakamura Sensei who was 48 years old when he met him and is currently 93 years old.


Bill has a passion for karate/self-defense and equipping others with the skills to defend themselves.  Self-Defense Seminars are available to Realtors, New Home Sales Consultants, College-bound Youth, our Elderly, Law Enforcement/Security. Women, Corporate Safety, and Neighborhood Watch Committees, etc.


Student Teacher Friendship & Respect



Bill Mueller and Nakamura, Ankichi   



Bill Mueller and Nakamura, Ankichi