3 P's of Self-Defense


The most important aspect to real self-defense is the preventative measures that can be taken to avoid an attack in the first place. To give you an idea, here are some of the preventative measures we speak about when instructing Self-Defense Seminars for New Home Sales Consultants and Real Estate Agents. 

  • Marketing safety guidelines
  • Where you should meet your prospects for the first-time
  • Collecting prospect data: driver’s license, license plate, picture
  • Safety precautions agents should practice when showing homes
  • Use of every day household items that could be used as effective weapons
  • Carrying a non-threatening item that can be used for self-defense purposes
  • Open house safety protocol
  • Portraying confidence and maintaining eye contact when communicating
  • Safety apps for your cell phone  


It is difficult to react to what you don’t see or perceive with your other senses!  Some of the things we stress in the majority of our seminars include:

  • Becoming aware of your surroundings (levelness and slipperiness of the terrain)
  • Checking for trip hazards in case you need to make a quick exit
  • Formulating an exit strategy – checking for escape routes
  • Ascertaining intention through demeanor and facial expressions 
  • Keeping your eyes open for anything that could be used as a weapon if attacked
  • Determining if people are carrying anything that could contain a weapon
  • Noticing if people are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions
  • Keeping watch over your food and drink when with strangers
  • Maintaining a comfortable space between you and others
  • Trusting your gut (your God given instincts)


Preparation is where the Rubber Meets the Road! It can yield great confidence but requires commitment on your part to practice and visualize the self-defense principles described. The exciting part is almost everyone can increase their capacity to defend themselves!